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Before, it often happened that Starter turned and didn't turn. Then, when I went to the gas station, they said "A battery died." But, an actual cause was an ignition switch.
After that, four years have already passed. I think it to be time to break again.

Remember to disconnect the negative battery terminal before beginning any electrical work on your car.

This is ignition key with steering lock housing.

I can open it easy by removing three screws of the under steering column cover.

It is my ignition switch which broke.
I had difficulty to replace it.

VW Parts number is 357 905 865 and price is 4,500 yen.

Recently, the plastics color changed to the black.
I took apart my broke switch.

I can't understand the structure.

Probably, while I am using it for many years, a contact point is burned out, and it causes a contact failure.
This is HONDA S2000 starter switch.

A light bulb is in the inside of Switch, and the character of the "ENGINE START"  stands out.

To install this switch in my Corrado, the additional relay is necessary, because the capacity of the contact point is small.

You can get the switch here.
Replacement start button $32.43
Tool and stuff
Wire cutters
Philips screwdriver

30A BOSCH SR-2 Relay
30A Fuse
Heat contraction tube
3 terminal connector
5A Fuse
Some male/female terminals
At first, make a hole in the left side of the steering column under cover.

Shaved a 30A PVC pipe to make a spacer.

After installing a push button switch.

Front view
Side view

To make a spacer was difficult for me because the steering column under cover was not a plane.
Back side(A gap is big.)
I failed to shave spacer.

I shaved a spacer again later.

Wiring and relay.
Pull out the connector which was plugged into behind the ignition switch.
Pull out Red/Black wire of the wiring number 50 from the connector.
After pull out the wire, return to a connector in behind the ignition switch.

Insert the terminal remove tool from the front of the connector, and pull the Red/Black wire out backward.

Terminal remove tool

As for me, I make a remove tool by wiper blade steel. Check this thread.
Insert the Red/Black wiring in the new connector.
Connect the Red/Black wire to the terminal No.87 of the relay, and connect 12V of the battery to the terminal No.30 of the relay.

Connect wiring from the push button to the coil terminal No.86 of the relay, and connect terminal No.85 to the body ground.
Wiring diagram

I think that the improvement is a little necessary for this wiring.
Circuit Number Circuit Description Most Common
Wire Color
30 Battery positive (+) voltage Powered whenever battery is connected Red (R)
50 Powered only when ignition switch is in "Start" position Red/Black(R/BK)
85 Ground (-) side of switching relay Brown (BR)
86 Power-input (+) side of switching relay -
87 Relay change-over contact -

The PCB of the starter switch.

It is complex structure. Really, Switch? I don't find a reason but it has a diode. Is the diode necessary for the S2000?
I cut it because there is no necessity in my rado.
2002.10.27 The diode is there to protect the switch from the reverse voltage spike that occurs when the relay is de-energised. Do not cut Diode!!
Sorry!! everyone! and Thank you for Mr. Cliff's teaching.
Cliff's Site!
See a back of the PCB.
There are two terminals which have no circuit.
(Two terminals of the bottom side) I have no idea!
After all, I use only three terminals of the upper side.

Connect wiring of the terminal No.86 of the relay with the top terminal.
Connect power supply wiring of 12V from the fuse box in the middle terminal .(12V output, when ignition turn on)
The bottom terminal connect to the body ground so that lighting may light up in ignition switch turn on.
Bottom of the relay

The terminalNo.85 and No.86 are connected to coil of the relay.

Connect 12V of the battery to the terminal No.30.

Then, connect Red/Black wire from the starter to terminal No.87.
Looks good.!!!!
When I opened the door of the driver's side, it is very cool.

It is red, and big button is very impressive.

It is my mere self-satisfaction.

I ride in the car, and insert a key with the right hand and then I turn the key to the right, and pushed the red big starter button with my left hand. like a racing car!

Be careful never to push button after an engine start, Because it is possible that turn starter after the engine start. I suggest installing it on the left of the driver to prevent the operation mistake of the passenger. The automatic transmission may not conform. because I don't check the automatic transmission. Some problems may be left. I must cut the ACC power supply while the starter turns.etc.... I report it if the problem is fix.

2002.06.08 Update.

I added the one more relay to cut a power supply such as the headlights when starter did Turn.
HeadLight, Wiper, A/C etc,etc.......
BOSCH 0 332 019 151 (Normal open type)
A power supply for the starter.

BOSCH 0 332 209 151 (Normal close type)
The power supply cut of the electric equipment.
Pull out the connector which was plugged into behind the ignition switch.
Pull out Black/Yellow wire of the wiring number X from the connector.
After pull out the wire, return to a connector in behind the ignition switch.

Insert the terminal remove tool from the front of the connector, and pull the Yellow/Black wire out backward.
Make a new wire with the one terminal and the two pins connector.

Insert the opposition side of the two pins connector into the ignition switch connector.
After insert the new wire.

Connect this wire to the terminal No.30 and No.87a of the No.2 Relay.
A terminal No.30 and No.87a are Normal closes terminal.
Circuit Number Circuit Description Most Common
Wire Color
 X Load-reduction circuit Powered by load-reduction relay when ignition switch is in "On" position (not powered in "Start" position) Black/Yellow (BK/Y)

Changed the backlight bulb to the red LED.

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